DCG Pricing Consultants - Providing Total Pricing Services

Our Core Services include:

Government RFP and Solicitation Review

Cost Analysis

Custom Spreadsheets and Databases

Strategy Development


Cost Proposal Preparation

Audit Support

Final Production Assistance

Technical Volume Writing and Service

Proposal Draft & Final Reviews

DCG Pricing Consultants offer pricing solutions for winning Government cost proposals. We provide total cost and pricing volume support to help you respond to Government RFPs, RFQs and Basis of Estimates. Our team of qualified Government Pricing Specialists will tailor our services to your company's needs, this frees your staff to run current operations while producing winning bids.

Whether you need full pricing model support, or independent Red Team Reviewers, DCG Pricing is ready to provide superior pricing services, helping you win contracts. Our approach has been responsible for many major wins totaling in the billions of dollars in contracts for our clients.

Quality Service, Convenience and most importantly - Winning Proposals at the Right Price!

- Our cost proposal teams of seasoned specialists are led by Senior Consultants who have worked together for a combined total of over 45 years. DCG Pricing Consultants employees have worked for Fortune 500 companies and small start-up business', producing winning cost proposals for everything from large contracts to individual task orders. As a group, we have excelled in all aspects of cost proposal preparation including; strategy development, custom spreadsheets to meet unique RFP requirements, pricing, basis of estimates, editing and publishing.

Consistency - During your entire proposal we provide the same employee(s), keeping consistency and knowledge base during the proposal process. Your company will be assigned a Proposal Lead who will work as the main of point of contact between DCG Pricing Consultants and your company.

Focused Expertise - We specialize in preparing government service contract proposals for firms that do not want to hire full time pricing personnel for projects that will only last for a few months. We focus on proposal pricing every day.